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  • Do I need to be an art or art history major to participate in the program?
    No! We have grown over the years! Originally, the students of Art New York were all from within the Department of Art and Art History; now the students are often from other departments, and many are from outside of the humanities. Consequently, the diversity of internships has expanded from internships within visual arts (galleries, museums, non-profit visual art sector) to include internships in architecture, film and media, theatre, art therapy, special effects and props, the music industry and PR/marketing, and continues to grow and adapt to fields of interest to the individual students.
  • How will the credits for Art New York count toward my graduation?
    The Art New York program automatically fulfills a Humanities Cluster. Major in Art History: Field Studio Course = satisfies the studio requirement of the program Art NY Colloquium = AH 100 level course Internship = 1 AH requirement but carries more weight for graduation (8 credits) Major/Minor in Studio Art: Field Studio Course = SA 100 level course Art NY Colloquium = AH related course Internship = 8 credits towards general elective credit Major in Digital Media Studies: Art New York is a three-course sequence, two of which can count toward your DMS major requirements: Field Studio Course = Technology/Production Courses (4 credits) Art NY Colloquium = Media History, Theory, and Practice Courses (4 credits) DMS students who are interested in Art New York should contact the DMS program director for permission. Upper-level writing designation depends on the nature of the student’s Art New York project, which will be determined after reviewing the student’s work. Major in Film and Media Studies: The Art New York Field Studio course, Colloquium course, and Internship satisfy 4 production courses in FMS. Other majors: Please see your advisor
  • Is tuition for my semester in Art New York the same as it would be for a semester at the University of Rochester?
    Yes. Students participating in the program will be charged University of Rochester tuition. Students will have access to the same financial aid packages that they are currently receiving, including any merit scholarships.
  • Would I have access to the same amount of financial aid as a full-time student at the university?
    Yes! You will still be considered full-time at the university - just studying elsewhere! We recommend that everyone discuss their situation with their UR financial advisor before committing to the program.
  • Will I still have health insurance through the university?
    Yes. If a student is enrolled in the UR student health insurance plan, then they will be able to use it in New York City. Those students who are not enrolled in the UR plan need to check with their provider.
  • How will I secure the internship?
    Working closely with the program director and manager, and the Greene Center, students will research internships of interest and create cover letters, CVs, and portfolios (if applicable) for each potential employer. Students will secure an internship by the end of the fall semester through their own research or through the program’s network of contacts.
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