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About the program

About the program

Application process

End of September

A program contract will be signed as final admission and participation in the program. The remaining time in the fall semester will be spent applying and securing internships, and preparing for the spring semester.

Summer and Fall semester

After attending the workshop in the Spring semester, final admission is contingent upon prompt completion of program requirements during the summer and fall semesters.

Summer requirements include researching internships and working on 1st drafts of cover letters and resumes. Fall requirements include staying on schedule, maintaining communication with the program, obtaining advisor approvals, attending two professional development workshops and one orientation, and meeting with the Greene Center and directors to polish resumes and cover letters to acquire an internship.

End of Spring semester

Students with an initial acceptance are expected to confirm their acceptance, maintain communication with the program, and attend the workshop scheduled at the end of the Spring semester.

April 1

Applications for initial acceptance are due April 1 of the preceding academic year that you wish to participate in.

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