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About the program

Art New York is an internship program that is exclusive to the University of Rochester—and the learning experience of a lifetime! It immerses you in the stimulating art environment of New York City, the global hub of the contemporary art scene and a major center for the exhibition, conservation, and trade in artworks.


You will have the opportunity to take in New York’s rich and varied cultural life while pursuing a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. Participation in the program will enrich your understanding of the operation of the art world and offer insight into further study and career opportunities.


Art New York is integral to the Department of Art and Art History’s belief that the most transformative educational experiences marry theory and practice. The program offers exciting career development opportunities for students in all academic disciplines. Some participants may wish to pursue careers as artists, art historians, or curators; others find internships that locate their primary areas of study, such as business, public health, or computer science, within the art world. All gain an insider’s perspective on the world of contemporary art and culture.


Academic excellence is the hallmark of the Art New York Program. We work closely with you to help you reach your academic, personal, and professional goals. The program, administered by the UR Art and Art History Department, combines an internship with a colloquium and studio course and is offered in the spring semester.

It is offered to all qualified sophomore, junior, and senior students from any area of study who are interested in learning about how art gets made, how it reaches the public, and the process of its interpretation and display. Students receive a total of 16 credits for their Art New York semester—8 for the internship and 4 each for the colloquium and studio course. The 16 credit hours make for a full semester course load and fulfill the requirements of a humanities cluster.

Applications for initial acceptance are due in April of the preceding academic year. Final admission is contingent upon prompt completion of program requirements during the summer and fall semester, during which time students work to secure internships and prepare to participate in the program in the spring. Learn more about the application process here.

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