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Art New York Colloquium (SA/AH 305K) is a nomadic course that will provide an intellectual framework for understanding works of art in various media and to learn firsthand about the professional aspects of art and culture – how art/design/media gets made, how it reaches its public and the process of its interpretation and display. The course will immerse students in the rich art scene(s) of New York City and expose them to its history. The colloquium will allow students to discuss and write about their experiences living and working in New York City in academic and professional contexts. The class will meet at different locations each week. Readings and/or viewings will be assigned in preparation for each visit/discussion, along with reflections/responses, as well as a weekly online journal.


20% Before-Visit Reflections

30% After-Visit Reflections

20% Critical Articles

20% Weekly Journal

10% Overall Progress & Participation

Before-Visit Reflections

Before visiting a site, students will write a reflection about a given

reading and/or video.

300 - 500 words (each reflection)

Due: Every Wednesday, 11:59PM 

Grading: [40%] Comprehension of Content + [30%] Connections to Student’s Practices + [30%] Organization & Clarity of Ideas

After-Visit Reflections

After visiting, students will write a longer reflection about their interactions and experiences with the content and site.

500 - 700 words (each reflection)

Due: Every Sunday, 11:59PM 

Grading: [40%] Comprehension of Content + [30%] Connections to Student’s Practices + [30%] Organization & Clarity of Ideas

Critical Articles

Students will write two (2) formal art critique articles/reviews about two different exhibitions that the class has not seen together (exhibitions that we have not attended as a class).

800-1000 words (each article)

Due: Sunday, May 5th, 11:59PM

Grading: [30%] Critique Validity + [30%] Supporting Arguments & Evidence + [20%] Organization & Clarity of Ideas + [20%] Research & References

Weekly Journal

Students will write weekly journal entries on a variety of topics—audio record, video record, writing, photo, etc.

This journal is utilized to report what students did each week for their creative exercises in NYC.

No limit on word count

Due: Every Sunday, 11:59PM 

Grading: [50%] Reporting + [50%] Reflecting 

Course Policy on AI Use in Writing

ChatGPT and similar AI systems are language tools. Submitting work written by an AI will not be beneficial in reaching any of our learning goals for knowledge and skill development. ChatGPT is not equipped to answer questions for you.


Acceptable uses of AI tools for this course include: Grammar check, spell check, rewording individual phrases or sentences, or machine translation

Unacceptable uses of AI tools: Generating concepts or conducting research (AI hallucinations frequently result in inaccurate claims with poor source attribution)


In short, ChatGPT is a language tool. It will not provide adequate answers to any of our written assignments in this course. Submission of work written by AI is plagiarism, as AI systems pull ideas and statements from previously published texts online without any attribution to the original authors.


If you are unsure whether using AI would be acceptable, ask your instructor.

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